IT Solutions CCTV Surveillance

Strategic placement of cameras, and observation of the camera’s input on monitors everywhere. Regardless of which Emirate, MicroData strives to provide professional CCTV solutions with proper accordance to the laws that exist within. CCTV solutions provided by us are carried out professionally, with appropriate steps of the right consultation.

How does it work?

We take our clients’ requests very seriously. Once we have received a request from our client, our experienced engineers will be sent to our client’s site for inspection. Site will be examined thoroughly – inspection covering all areas of the site will be necessary in order to provide a compliant solution. After a complete scan of the site has been done, the engineers can then proceed to draw out a strategic plan for any necessary systems placement. Government-compliant consultation will be granted as part of our service. Our engineers can then proceed to determine what equipment is required and how many cameras are enough to cover the area in question. After that is done, we can proceed with the installation of all CCTV equipment and configuration of the devices involved. MicroData is a CCTV solution Company that strives to provide the most optimized solution for its client’s site.

Why choose MicroData for this service?

Our experienced engineers have great expertise within this area. MicroData promises to deliver solid installations of CCTV systems and proper configuration suited to its clients’ needs.

What’s wrong with using cheaper CCTV systems?

Cheaper CCTV systems can be very threatening to the system’s state. Cheaper cameras can unpredictably go out of service at any time, and cheaper control units provide less reliable accessibility to these cameras. CCTV systems are a professional standard, a solid and reliable solution should be put in place.

What if one of the devices is defective?

In the unfortunate event that a device is defective, MicroData will immediately replace that device with a functional one, install it, and retrieve the defective one instead free of charges provided that the device is still under the warranty period.

How long does installing the CCTV system take?

It depends on the site itself. Only after we send our engineers to your site, we can inform you about an estimated time of completion. The physical size of the site is the biggest deciding factor in this matter.