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Be confident that your data is safe with the best security measures. We provide firewall, network security and cyber security solutions. MicroData provides firewall solutions and plans to make the best out of monitoring internet traffic and filtering the suspicious data out.

How does it work?

Your wish is our command. Once we receive your request, we will shortly get one of our team members to be in contact with you. Our site visits are done by our experienced engineers. If we feel that you need additional equipment and devices, we will be sure to let you know and propose a solution. However, if a site visit is not necessary, in this case, one of our team members will get in touch with you shortly and provide you a solution and implement it remotely. Our objective is to always take as minimal time as possible to provide you with solutions are fast and optimized to the fullest. Depending on your site, MicroData will provide you a solution tailored to your needs. In case of additional device requirement, after thorough site inspection, our team will be sending you a proposal shortly covering all the equipment and devices required for the implementation of the solution. Once approval is retrieved, MicroData will be responsible for providing the equipment and installation/configuration services so that you do not have to worry about anything else.

Why firewall?

As its name suggests, firewall acts as an additional wall in front of incoming network traffic. It creates an additional security layer to filter our all the unsolicited and suspicious content. Firewall , network security, and cyber security solutions have been provided by MicroData to its clients in Dubai with exceptional service. MicroData believes that every business should have a proper firewall plan to protect its valuable data assets from any malware that could be threatening to the data. Moreover, firewall makes sure to close off any potential doors for hackers to step in and make sure they do not have any control over any of your network traffic.


Having a firewall plan gets you more control over incoming internet traffic. It lets you control what services can pass data packets through your network. It also makes sure that you are aware of everything that is downloaded to your device while preventing the more dangerous downloads.

Why choose MicroData for this service?