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Complete IP Solution – from the SCM platform and IP phones to switches and applications to enhance efficiency and productivity. MicroData is an IP telephony solution provider company that ensures solid telephony solutions are implemented. MicroData is an IP telephony solution provider in Dubai and has been providing exceptional service to its clients in Dubai.

How does it work?

Once we receive an enquiry from our clients, we send them one of our engineers as soon as possible to examine and inspect the worksite. This gives our engineer and insight on what solution is best fitted for the clients needs. After this process is done, the engineer give us back a report and we can proceed with providing the client with a report stating the solution that MicroData will be providing, including the devices that we will provide. Upon approval from the client’s side, we can then proceed to send you our engineer to install all devices required and configure them as needed. Our procedures are quick and reliable, that is why we like to optimize everything and we try to install all solutions in the shortest time possible.

Why choose MicroData for this service?

What if one of the devices is defective?

In the unfortunate event that a device is defective, MicroData will immediately replace that device with a functional one, install it, and retrieve the defective one instead free of charges provided that the device is still under the warranty period.

Why should you use IP Telephony?

IP telephony solution is a great way to establish a solid and reliable communication medium for staff to interact through. It is fast, easy and reliable. It is also relevantly cheaper. Using IP telephony instead of a business plan is significantly cheaper.