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Connectivity is vital. We provide reliable VPN solutions to always ensure consistent connectivity. MicroData is a VPN service provider company that strives to provide its clients with the best solution for their cases.

How does it work?

Your wish is our command. Once we receive your request, we will shortly get one of our team members to be in contact with you. Depending on your case, we may need or need not to have a physical site visit to install our services. Our site visits are done by our experienced engineers. If we feel that you need additional equipment and devices, we will be sure to let you know and propose a solution. However, if a site visit is not necessary, in this case, one of our team members will get in touch with you shortly and provide you a solution and implement it remotely. Our objective is to always take as minimal time as possible to provide you with solutions are fast and optimized to the fullest.

What is VPN?

A VPN or a virtual private network is your gateway to privacy. It enables our clients to extend a private network over their public network for them to share a more private, professional, and a reliable network to share data.

Why use VPN?

Remote access

From pandemics to unpredictable changes in weather, no one can predict when an employee can be absent. Implementation of a VPN solution allows employees to access certain files and applications remotely at any time in case any employee is unable to make it the work area. With VPN, employees can access certain files and applications as if they are present in their work area. This helps on cutting down on inconvenient encounters and other principles that may affect the work flow negatively, especially on days where work can get very involving.

Managed control

In every business, all information relative to that business is undoubtedly confidential, however, there are always levels of confidentiality for different information. Managed access to this confidential information is even more important than the information itself. Implementation of a proper VPN solution within a business is essential to allow managed access to different files and applications. A virtual private network allows a business to control who and how many staff members have access to different kinds of information relative to their workplace. The VPN’s user-friendly interface allows the authorized users to easily manage and assign different access roles to different information relative to that business.

What if one of the devices is defective?

In the unfortunate event that a device is defective, MicroData will immediately replace that device with a functional one, install it, and retrieve the defective one instead free of charges provided that the device is still under the warranty period.

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